An online system to simplify the exhibition process.


Artlogic had been utilising a completely paper based process for exhibitors to apply for a stand, which was both time consuming and inefficient. Because of this, they were struggling to collect fees and sign up exhibitors and were wasting both time and resources.

What We Did

We developed software that allows exhibitors to apply for exhibitions, view information about upcoming fairs and complete other related tasks online. Artlogic can then accept or reject these applications in real time. Accepted applications generate an electronic contract containing all relevant information that exhibitors can sign easily online. The new software also allows the exhibitor to view extras (like lighting and cables), banking details and make purchases through a payment gateway.


The new software enables a simplified process where Artlogic can easily keep track of all applications, collect payments and contracts efficiently and automatically send out email notifications to communicate with exhibitors. Re-applying for the following year's fair is even easier for an exhibitor, as their information has already been stored.