Customised race calendars for fitness and sport enthusiasts.


Our client, a fitness enthusiast, regularly had to trawl through multiple sources in order to manually create his own list of running, swimming and cycling events around the country. He was looking for an app that simplified this process.

What We Did

We developed software that generates a centralised list of sporting events, with a simple and intuitive user interface that works on both desktop or mobile − for busy people to use on the go. We made it easy for users to log in and create a fitCal profile using Facebook and Twitter. In this way we also increased the share-ability of the mobile app. The core feature of fitCal is that it enables users to create a custom event calendar for themselves and then import that calendar into a phone or online calendar system.


fitCal has grown substantially, with hundreds of custom calendars being created by users all over South Africa. As a result more users are exposed to events they would not normally have known about and can manage their fitness participation easily and conveniently.