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Need your Android app to stand out on the Google Play Store? We’re your go-to Android development team. Here’s how we take your product to market.

With over 3.8 million Android apps out there, your product needs to make an impact on the Google Play Store and reach as many users as possible – in the easiest way possible. To make your product special and stand-out, you need a pretty special development team with stand-out expertise and creativity. That’s us.

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Featuring your product on the Google Play Store gives you a huge competitive advantage, as your users will have quicker and easier access to your product than through a web-based app. We know that the majority of users retrieve their content from their mobile devices, so having an easily accessible app that can be stored on a users device then holds a lot more retention than a responsive website would.

Our game plan

We combine robust code with slick design and seamless user experience. Android app development can be purely native, where the code is written in a manner in which the hardware is able to directly interpret it. Or, an app can be developed as a hybrid, where it is written in a web-based language, which can then be converted to be displayed natively.

  • Design: To give you an idea of how your app would function, we design all the screens in Invision, so that you get the full picture of the app’s flow.

  • Frontend Development: This part of the process depends on your choice to go fully native or use a hybrid app. For a fully native app, the frontend is created within Android Studio as specific views and then designed to cater to different devices based on the layouts set within the XML. For a hybrid-based app, the frontend is done in a web platform that’s then displayed to the app using Turbolinks.

  • Backend Development: Taking the views set up, we’d create HTML and Javascript to display the data. For a native app we’d write the code to link to the XML component set in Java; for a hybrid it would depend on the web framework, but for the majority of our projects we use the Ruby on Rails framework.

Staying on top of updates and guidelines

Our Android development team is trained to anticipate snags or issues before they happen, on different devices or platforms. We stay up to date with the latest updates in order for our apps to cater to the majority of mobile devices on the market, so you can avoid deprecation issues.

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