Elixir / Phoenix

A stack that takes the fast track

A productive web framework that does not compromise speed and maintainability, Elixir Phoenix is good for raw performance.

Phoenix, a web framework written in Elixir, brings back the simplicity and joy of writing modern web applications by mixing tried and true technologies with fresh functionality. You can develop a web application in a similar way as using Rails, but Phoenix is way faster.

Track Record

Elixir is a new functional language designed for productivity and maintainability that runs on the Erlang VM. The Erlang VM is time-tested (more than 20 years old!), fast and has awesome concurrency and inter-process communication. Phoenix leverages the Erlang VM ability to handle millions of connections alongside Elixir's beautiful syntax and productive tooling for building fault-tolerant systems; it makes building APIs and web applications super easy.

Fast, Scalable and Cost-effective

Sharing the same productivity you find in Rails, developers can get the project started quickly with basic features and functionality. Maintainable and fast, you’ll still enjoy working in a Phoenix project after a couple of months without worrying about optimising every corner of your application and plastering caching calls everywhere to extract a few milliseconds.

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