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Python is a general-purpose programming language that excels at numerical and scientific use cases. Its large repository of libraries and healthy community make it an excellent tool for artificial intelligence and number-crunching.

Why we love Python

Cross paradigms: in Python, you can write object-oriented or functional-style programming, using both harmoniously. Objects help us solve domain model problems while data transformations are best suited to the functional paradigm.

Data processing: Python is a mature programming language with an extensive array of scientific computation libraries such as Numpy, Sci-py, Scikit-learn and more. It’s also general purpose, making it easy to integrate with other systems, and has many online resources to tap into.

Artificial intelligence de facto: Google’s Tensorflow, and libraries that leverage it like the Keras framework, have unofficially made Python the de facto tool for artificial intelligence programming. AI has become more and more accessible and prolific than ever, allowing software to achieve things that were previously reserved for humans.

Performance when you need it: Using a GPU with Python to accelerate and parallelise number-crunching tasks is standard practice in Python. Both Numpy and Tensorflow don’t execute numerical operations in Python but hand it off to more capable C libraries. This allows you to write performant data processing code without sacrificing readability.

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