Reduce, Reuse, React

React is a tool which reduces interface complexity by allowing us to build highly interactive websites out of reusable, independent components. React is relatively new, but has been around long enough to become an industry standard.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
Charles R. Swindoll

A happy client is the only reaction we want. See what we did there? One of the really great things about React is how it benefits you by minimising the chance of random, unpredictable bugs from occurring in your app’s front-end. Some JS frameworks require you to make a big investment in their infrastructure in order to start getting any usable results, but React encourages the reuse of UI patterns and allows us to replace components piece-by-piece.

Why we love React

React replaces super complicated JavaScript code with simple and intuitive code. React is only one piece of the puzzle and lets us choose other tools we want to work with.

We use WebPack to compile our components, which pre-processes and optimises assets like images and CSS in an impressive way. This can cause fewer HTTP requests and help us build a faster and more responsive web application. It’s not risky to use React for one or two components and it allows us to gradually scale up the usage. Plus, it’s a really fun technology to use!

Our developers are big-picture thinkers when it comes to React. They take a bird’s-eye view of the separations of components before they build them, to ensure effective React solutions.

See some React in action:

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