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Full-stack Web Applications

Platform45 develops web applications and consumable APIs using Ruby on Rails. We are specialists in scaling and optimizing applications to ensure peak performance.

Single-page Applications

Our expertise extends beyond server-side applications. We use powerful client-side frameworks, like AngularJS and Backbone.js, to create rich and fluid user experiences.

Responsive Design

Mobile is not the future, mobile is happening now and is here to stay. We use cutting edge layout techniques to ensure your application will be accessible on any screen, no matter the size.

Security Audits

Security is very important to us. Platform45 can provide a comprehensive analysis of your code, the interactions with 3rd party providers and a full audit of your server infrastructure.

How We Do It

Your Idea
Working Software
  • Anglo
    Better Mining!
  • Toyota
    Better Performance Appraisals!
  • Resource guru
    Better Resource Scheduling!
  • Kirkpatrick price
    Better Audits!
  • Prodigy
    Better Student Finance!
  • Unplanned escape
    Better Getaways!
  • Want me get me
    Better Accomodation!

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