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At Platform45 we promote ideation, we collaborate, we “iterate-iterate-iterate”, and above all, we build things that matter. More and more we are seeing software becoming an integral part of any business wanting to do better, grow faster, and offer their customers “one source of truth”. We know the power of incredible software and the potential it has to change the world. We’ve been at it since 2008 building platforms for FinTech start-ups, mining giants, pioneering entrepreneurs and telecom companies.

Design Sprint
Howler Squad

Behind our culture is an all encompassing passion to share the agony and the ecstasy in building our client’s vision. Our greatest stories started out as an idea and a dream. Those dreams became market leaders such as Howler and Resource Guru. Our name hints at ‘The Singularity’ - the moment that will trigger an explosion in technological advancement. It is our silent-nod to push the tech-envelope every single day. We want more for our clients and so we do more. Because we believe in the power of technology and its capacity to unleash change that can make the world a better place.

Software without people is pointless.

People are everything at Platform45. With offices in Cape Town, Joburg and London the Platform45 culture is as unique as the projects we build. We ping-pong, yoga, run and Brain Moot (ask Jono what that is). And our Showcase events inspire ideas that may one day become a feature in your product.


Meet the team

Human-centered product development.

We build our products incrementally; testing and delivering after each Sprint, iterating where necessary, pivoting, questioning, re-questioning, and re-testing. Every step is thought-through and stress-tested with real-users. Our human-centered product development process is grounded in the Principles of Design Thinking, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good the execution is, your users sell your story.

So if you’re looking for a team of multi-skilled developers to walk the road with you in building something great, get in touch.

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  • Julie
  • Astley
  • Dillon
  • Jeremy
  • Nico
  • Matt
  • Jonathan
  • Tshepiso
  • Yedidia
  • Keang
  • Miriam
  • Chris
  • Vincent
  • Daniel
  • Leon
  • Alex
  • David
  • Barry
  • Ryan
  • Len
  • Johann
  • Nilesh
  • Duncan
  • Avhatakali
  • Kgowane
  • Gareth
  • Michael
  • Nikola
  • Jason
  • Kyle
  • James
  • Gareth
  • Kristiaan
  • Eduard
  • Jacques
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