We don’t just build apps.
We build bigger dreams and better business.

We’re Ruby on Rails developers who build design driven software for web and mobile.

We've had the privilege to work with these amazing companies.

  • 36ONE
  • Hollard
  • Cerebra
  • IS
  • Toyota
  • Anglo American

How We Do Things

How We Work

“Doing Things The Platform45 Way”

To be effective, software needs to be developed for the right problem. Platform45 helps you identify the real problem and then builds the perfect solution.

  • Research

    You can't make a bespoke pair of Italian loafers until you know who'll be wearing them. That's why we begin the software development process with thorough research into your target market and desired outcome. This forms the core of whatever solution we build.

  • Design

    Design is more than just a pretty face. During our design phase we create intuitive user experiences that are beautiful too, always keeping the user at the top of our minds.

  • Build

    Using development techniques and practices that we've perfected over the years, we turn the idea in your head into something real and tangible. We build an app that perfectly meets your desired outcome, using only the most exacting technology standards.

  • Deliver

    We get so excited when we release one of our high quality mobile apps into the world, but it doesn't end there. Afterwards, we continuously work with clients to improve the product, tweaking and tinkering as we go.

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At the core of Platform45's success is the understanding that our shared goals and passion allow us to collectively achieve more than the individual. Because of this we believe in sharing the knowledge we've built up over the years with the wider programming community.