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May 2023
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Evia Health is a pharmacy that is making  healthcare personalised, simple and super-convenient.

Employing state-of-the art technology, behavioural economics and clinical and scientific rigour, Evia’s team of expert pharmacists prepare your medication in accordance to your prescriptions and send you a supplement regime catered to your specific needs.

Made just for you, Evia personalises, packs and delivers your medication and supplements to your door.

The challenge

Evia's inception is two-fold; one part stems from the recognition that a one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin intake is inherently flawed. Traditional multivitamins, designed for general markets’ consumption, overlook the nuanced needs and preferences of the individual. And the second is helping people ensure they take their prescribed medicine, in the correct doses, at the correct time of day, by packaging these in daily consumable packets.  In response to this massive gap in the market, Evia partnered with Platform45 to pioneer a personalised experience for consumers.

The solution

Evia's rollout unfolded in two phases, initially focusing on prescribed medication facilitated by medical doctors. Users simply upload their scripts to Evia Health, with medication promptly delivered to their doorstep. The subsequent phase introduced non-scripted supplements, further expanding Evia's reach and impact within the personalised healthcare landscape.

The hands-on collaboration between Evia's team of pharmacists and doctors alongside Platform45’s engineers and designers, focused on crafting a solution,  underpinned by a comprehensive questionnaire.

This solution is meticulously tailored to each user's lifestyle, health concerns, allergies, and dietary preferences. It  provides precise supplement recommendations. Importantly, the questionnaire's adaptability and ease of maintenance ensures its relevance amidst evolving consumer lifestyles, it dynamically adjusts based on user inputs, refining subsequent questions to enhance accuracy and relevance.

Evia's commitment to personalisation extends beyond supplements and medications, it takes dietary preferences into considerations such as medication interactions and ethical dietary choices. For instance, users identifying as vegan automatically receive tailored recommendations, such as substituting Omega-3 with flaxseed oil, aligning with their dietary preferences.

Developing a product that ensures individuals receive the right medication is not just fulfilling, but incredibly exciting. There is so much potential to integrate this technology to health and fitness providers, delivering tailored and safe medication to a wider user base.

Nico BarnardTech Lead

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Evia employs custom sorting and packaging machinery to deliver medication with unrivalled precision. As the sole proprietor of this pill-packing machinery rights in the country, Evia ensures quality control and customisation to each person. Each user's prescription is seamlessly integrated into the packing process, with the system intelligently monitoring medication regimens and prompting timely reorder notifications to them.

While Evia's cutting-edge technology is undeniably impressive, its commitment to inclusivity is equally noteworthy. With a dedicated focus on female health, Evia addresses a wide array of concerns spanning from menopause to pregnancy and breastfeeding, offering tailored supplement recommendations that cater to individual needs. This emphasis on comprehensive care highlights Evia's holistic approach to wellness, ensuring that every aspect of an individual's health journey is considered and supported.

Evia is on a mission to make health a habit and we take immense pride in collaborating with a partner that takes an innovative and holistic approach to tailoring end-user solutions.

Platform45 has taken our vision for a completely digital pharmacy solution and elevated it to a level we hadn't imaged possible. Their expertise and skill have guided us to develop our platform in the most efficient and lean way whilst not sacrificing at all on quality or wow factor.

Carly Davies