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CambriLearn is an internationally-accredited online school providing a flexible learning environment for students across the globe. Online schooling has proven to be a transformative force, breaking down barriers and fostering accessibility for learners worldwide.

In the context of South Africa, where traditional education faces unique challenges, the advent of online schools becomes particularly significant. Through MyTopDog, Top Dog Education identified a promising opportunity within the homeschooling landscape, both in South Africa and internationally.

The challenge

While MyTopDog caters to the broader South African market, Top Dog Education identified a gap in the market for a more premium product tailored to high- end and high-achieving students.

This insight led to the inception of CambriLearn, a revolutionary learning platform designed to cater to the needs of both parents and learners alike. With a comprehensive range of courses spanning the entire Cambridge and CAPS curriculum, CambriLearn aims to redefine the homeschooling experience by offering unparalleled support and resources to facilitate academic excellence. CambriLearn has been providing online schooling and education for the past decade, and has custom-built its platform to meet students’ (and parents’) unique needs.

Online education emerged as a response to the growing need for flexible and accessible  high-quality education and learning methods. Online schooling significantly addresses the fundamental problem of access to high-quality education and tools by breaking down geographical barriers and providing learning opportunities for diverse individuals.

CambriLearn emerged in order to create customised learning support for all ages, and to address issues of quality, flexibility and diverse course offerings.

Providing comprehensive dashboards, progress tracking tools, a classroom-like experience and seamless communication channels presents a formidable challenge, particularly in a user-friendly experience that remains accessible to younger learners and teenagers without any explicit training required. This also includes tracking tools and dashboards that foster collaboration and transparency among all stakeholders; parents, guardians, teachers, and tutors alike.

The solution

CambriLearn offers virtual classes, interactive lessons, and teacher support for flexible, engaging remote learning. One key aspect is the removal of physical distance constraints.

Through online platforms, learners can access educational resources and courses from anywhere in the world, overcoming limitations associated with the proximity of traditional institutions.
Moreover, online schooling democratises education by offering flexibility in scheduling.

Learners, regardless of their location or time zone, can engage with course materials at their own pace. This adaptability caters to different learning styles and accommodates individuals with varied personal commitments, ensuring that education is accessible to those who might otherwise struggle to attend traditional classes.

The platform offers interactive live lessons, direct chat with teachers, a lesson library that can be searched by topic, and a forum on which students can socialise.
Online platforms often offer specialised subjects and niche topics, expanding the spectrum of educational options beyond what may be available in local institutions.

This inclusivity enables individuals to pursue specific interests or career paths that align with their goals.

Through the student dashboard, learners gain access to a rich array of educational materials, including: course material, lesson videos, discussion forums and face-to-face sessions with teachers, fostering an interactive learning experience.

CambriLearn’s dashboard features the following:

  • Online Learning Content Certified Teachers Live and recorded sessions
  • Student tracker Flexible schooling options
  • Recognised qualifications
  • Assessments
  • Practice tests and exams
Cambrilearn attempts to address the extremely challenging problem of providing remote students with a learning experience that approximates as closely as possible all the benefits of a classroom environment whilst still retaining every advantage that online classes can offer.
Vincent Holtzhausen Cambrilearn Tech Lead

CambriLearn has over a decade of experience, is accredited by COGNIA and has been tried and tested by more than 3.5 million students worldwide.Online schooling transforms education into a global and flexible endeavour, eliminating the constraints imposed by physical boundaries. By doing so, it plays a pivotal role in making high-quality education accessible to a broader and more diverse population, fostering a more inclusive and equitable learning landscape.