All our products make the world a little better.

We strive to build things that matter. Here are some of our biggest accomplishments.


We teamed up with the pioneering team at ZAR X to build the first competitor to the JSE in more than 50 years. The ZAR X Mobi App allows anyone to access the stock market and to trade in shares of companies listed on the ZAR X exchange in real-time.


Driven by the desire to help individuals reduce their debt obligations, we helped Summit fight against unscrupulous lenders using a powerful platform that assists employers in making better financial decisions. Summit has subsequently won significant legal battles against such lenders.


Built from the ground up, working with an incredible idea and client with the vision to offer an end-to-end event technology platform that brings together event organisers, vendors and customers, today Howler leads the pack in cutting-edge event technology and user-experience.


In 2015 we partnered with Top Dog to create an incredible e-learning platform offering customised learning support for Grades 4 - 12. Used by Vodacom and white-labelled to major education companies, Top Dog is paving a new education frontier in South Africa.


One of our most powerful and meaningful applications that offers incredible software to mining houses. Managing the safety and health of mine shafts and assets around the world, our platform saves companies down-time and more importantly, keeps a digital-eye on asset integrity ensuring the safety of mine-workers; literally software saving lives.

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